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Podcast Interview with our Founder on Learning With Lowell (Now on iTunes)!

I recently had the great pleasure of chatting with Lowell Thompson about my journey with building a startup and launching Indezone Energy. His podcast, Learning with Lowell dives into world of science, biotechnology, & business, and is packed with practical lessons and insights from founders, CEOs, scientists, and more. This interview focuses mainly on the business side of things, where we discuss:

  • Why I started Ioffe Biotechnologies Inc.

  • How I built the company

  • Lessons I learned from moving into business from a science background

  • Strategies to launch a new company or product when resources are tight

  • The importance of PEOPLE, how to find great mentors and support to help you grow [I didn't mention any names in the podcast, but among those that definitely deserve recognition here are my advisor, Ken Wong, and my brother, who is an expert in product development]

  • Resources and advice that we found most practical

  • LOTS more!

You can check out the full episode (Episode 15, aired March 27th) on, or on iTunes by clicking HERE. Please be sure to 1) Subscribe, 2) leave a comment & review, and 3) share with someone who's thinking of launching a startup or just wants to learn from the mistakes and successes. Is there anything we missed? Questions or topics you would have liked us to go more in-depth on? Let us know!

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